About Harap Alb

What is Harap Alb?

Harap Alb is a rural youth development program that aims to inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs, activists and civic leaders with the critical thinking, problem solving, and project design and management skills they need to make a difference in their local communities. The target group is teenagers aged 14-15 from rural communities of Moldova.

The program consists of three seminars of 6-7 days each. In the first seminar, the participants learn how to think critically about their role in the community, identify problems, and envision the potential of their community. At the end of the first seminar, participants form teams around project ideas to address issues in their local communities. The teams draft brief project proposals and then work with facilitators and mentors to hone their project plan. Beginning with the draft project proposals, the second seminar focuses project design and management skills. The participants then have two months to implement their projects together. Once the projects have been implemented and closed, participants meet again for a final seminar to evaluate the effectiveness of their projects and discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what they would improve they were to do it over.

Mission & Vision

Once upon a time, a kid set off to fulfill his destiny, and so begins the quest of the Moldovan folktale hero, Harap Alb. With the help of those he meets along the way, he succeeds.

The youth program Harap Alb aims to inspire and equip youth from rural areas of Moldova to become heroes for their communities by becoming happy, successful, and active citizens.

With their energy, passion, and the skills they develop in the program, these youth will become a force for positive change and growth which will continue long after the seminars have ended. Rural village communities will wake up with new community projects, events, and campaigns for ecological, social, and economic justice.


Olesea Țernă
Meghan Stewart
Liza Mamaliga


Harap Alb was initiated by EcoVisio Association and Social Enterprise Dulce Plai, with support of with support of German Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Stiftung in the framework of the Program Dialogue for Change implemented by MitOst Association.