Clean and Prosperous

This team cleaned the central streets of the village, conducted a campaign for community cleanliness, and planted trees. The first stage of this project was completed with the help of volunteers, both from Harap Alb and friends and neighbors who were recruited by the project team.

The Little Leaves

The team behind this project built a leaf and greenery model compost area in the village, and conducted a small campaign in their neighborhood to encourage others to use the model. Currently, most community members burn all leaves and greenery, which means that the village is constantly smokey and the air quality is poor. The more people who can be encouraged to use this compost center or build their own will help protect the quality of life in the village and the cleanliness of the water and soil.

The Magic of Books

This team founded a bimonthly reading club at the local school, created a reading corner in the school where students could read, and collected donations of over 100 books from the community and from donors in the capital, Chisinau.

Sport Club

This team organized a sport club with 20 participants, and launched the club with a sport day for the whole community, and made small improvements to the sport center court and equipment.

Rescuers of Nature

In the middle of the village there is a ravine with a small stream at the bottom. This ravine runs from one side of the village to the other. Many community members dispose of their trash by throwing it into the ravine. This has polluted the stream, which is also a source of drinking water for many people in the village. The goal of this project was to clean 2.5 kilometers of the ravine with help from community members and the Harap Alb group.

From Words to Actions

In Todirești most information and news is passed along by word of mouth or from more central news outlets from Ungheni (the regional center) or from Chisinau. This project team created two editions of a newsletter to inform the community about local problems and discuss potential solutions. The team distributed the newsletter to 500 families, and will make a second edition in 2017.

Save the Spring!

Without a proper water filtration system in the village, access to clean water sources are paramount. This team focused its efforts on cleaning one such water source which was contaminated with trash. In addition, this team built benches and a few tables near this spring to provide the youth with another clean area to spend time with each other.

Be Happy

Opportunities for youth in Rîșcova to engage in positive and healthy activities in their free time is limited. This team focused on repairing and improving the football field facilities to provide a healthy and fun way for youth in the village to recreate. This group has completed a clean-up of the field and are working to build and install benches for spectators and repaint the lines on the field.

Basketball Court Refresh

Physical Education is important. Many local students enjoy playing basketball. However, the court was run down and there was insufficient equipment. This group worked to update the court and procure new equipment for the school’s basketball court.

The Risca River will have new life

A small stream runs through Rîșcova leading out to a lake on the edge of the village. Due to a lack of education and alternatives, it became polluted with garbage. This group cleaned the river and helped to educate villagers about proper garbage disposal and the value of a clean river. This group has completed a first river clean up, and have planned several more.